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3 Ways to Better Understand & Learn From Your Site Visitors

Do you know the reason behind the websites and blogs getting failure in earning money? Let me tell you the basic reason which is actually they do not have the basic tools in place. Revenue and tracking conversations are not enough.

Throughout this article, I will tell you three powerful tools, which should be easy for you to understand their website and their invention as such tools allow to record visitors. Some sites create heatmaps, which allow user to communicate with audience

The three tools are focused to Help You Better Understand Your Site Audience and tracking methods to improve and monitor the performance of traffic while they are on your site.

In some cases it is guide to apply all these methods at same time, but it works individually too. What you have to do is compare each of the methods below and see how they could be applied to your existing web site, blog or online business.

What is the work of heatmap? Let’s me tell you.

Firstly it allows site owners to track where their audience is by clicking while they are on your site. As you know more users visit your site and click through your site. A heat map screenshot is a hot zone. It will be created based on where people are clicking and where they not.

The owners of this Site can quickly understand what people are clicking on and what they are looking for at your site. The site owner is allowed to look which area is not clicking on by the audience?

There are many sites which allow you to visit their site and leave your leisure which is called feedback. The short question or survey to answer is the best way to have attention of your site visitors and stick them longer. Let’s suppose you are having a conference or event, you could have a small feedback form popup in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and ask the questions. It will start a two-way conversation with your audience as well.

One of the amazing concept is Visitor Recordings. Lets Imagine being able to actually watch visitors click and scroll through your site while heatmaps and visitor recording is simply one of the best ways to improve your site performance and navigation based on real viewer results, as heatmap allow for you to see where site owners are clicking, visitor recordings will allow you to see in real time where people are reading, clicking, scrolling with their mouse and why they are doing it that will help you in reducing your bounce rates in the process.

This is unique and effective in their own way but be careful to explore your options with each and notice which work best with your blog.

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