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Long Tail Keywords vs. Short Tail Keywords

Before describing what a long and short keyword is, it is important for us to tell you what a keyword is?


Keyword is basically that word which is highly important and plays a role just like a key do when there is a lock outside your room.

When talking about a long tail keyword or a short tail keyword, one thing that clicks in our minds is that the word either short or long has a greater significance. Long tail keywords are normally more that 3 words whereas the short tail keywords are less than 3 words.

Targeted Audience

When comparing both the short tail keyword and the long tail keyword, we will find out that the short tail keyword is used to target a larger market whereas the long tail keyword is used to target the niche market (specific number of people).


Long tail keywords are easier to rank in search engine when comparing to short tail keywords as more of the audience type a longer word as they are aware of what they are actually searching for.

Long Tail Keywords vs. Short Tail Keywords

The traffic to websites using short tail keywords are greater than those websites where a long tail keyword is used. As per our research we have found that the short tail keywords get more than 11 time more audience than long tail keywords.

To get targeted traffic, we suggest you to use long tail keywords. For further details, you can comment below.

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