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Optimizing Your WordPress Database in Just One Click

The use of technology in our daily lives has no doubt removed the hurdles in many ways. This technology has made our lives much easier and they have changed in fact transformed the vision of hard work into smart work. Now the person with the same amount of motivation and determination can do work more efficiently and effectively by using the tool of smart work. The field of computer engineering and software development are the most refined tool in the market.

The WP tool is an important tool that is now being used in the field of database management. This tool allows you to customize and optimize your WordPress database with the greater amount of efficiency and less amount of hard work. The WP tool promises a constant good result and is therefore very important tool for the beginners. Because most of the work is done by the software itself.

With the help of this tool the person can easily remove the previous reviews on any post. The spam comments can destroy the credibility of any post so it is very much necessary for the user to keep maintenance of these post and this too provides you a platform to remove these posts with a single click and without much hustle.

By using this tool the user can apply the SQL optimize command on the tables of the database without having the PHP my admin on the computer.


This tool is very great when it comes to the beginner. As the most important feature the beginner gets form this tool is that they can easily change their admin password or username without having an excess to PHP my admin.

Now having a less data space on your hosting account. With this plugin now in a single click you can control your revisions.

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