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PayPal No Longer Approves Payoneer Bank Accounts

Paypal and Payoneer are two different online payments system via which we can easily receive or transfer amount anywhere in the world.

Paypal is not used in Pakistan whereas payoneer is received free via airmail. Payoneer is currently offering $25 on deposit of $100 in your account.

Currently we have seen that paypal is no longer approving payoneer bank account which has created a great trouble for people living in countries where there is no reach of paypal such as Pakistan. This news is not yet confirmed and we are currently following up with any news by paypal.

For now if you are in a hurry and want your cash out from paypal, sell your paypal to someone in exchange for the currency used in your country. For example, if you are living in Pakistan, then sell your paypal account for Pakistani rupees.

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