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How to Replace ‘Enter Title Here’ Text in WordPress

While using WordPress, when you are working on some new post, then “Enter title here” is the most common text you came across. This kind of text is shown in the title field. If you are typing a custom post for your clients, then replacing this line with your own custom statement is the concern of many people. In this article you can learn that how you can replace this text.


The need to replace text:

When you type any document for clients, then you have to make sure that the document is understood by all kinds of people. To minimize confusion you can replace the placeholder text with your own custom text. In this way you can easily guide the client or customer that how he should fill that document.

How to replace:

To replace the default “Enter Title Here”, you need to enter the following code in your site’s specific plugin or themes funcition.php.

While typing this code, be sure to replace the word movie with your own custom word.

After adding this code, now your document is ready to make changes. Now open up a new document, here you will see your own custom placeholder text in the title field. Now easily make your new documents in your own custom style.

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