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How to setup a website quickly in under 15 minutes


Website are no more difficult to be built or take too much time. You won’t have an excuse if anyone ask you to setup a website for them. All you need is just 15 minutes that are no difficult to take out from 24 hours. Are you interested in knowing how a website can be setup in 15 minutes, read the article carefully.
Before going into detail, we wanted to tell you that this is for any kind of website whether a business or personal.
Domain name registration
This can be considered as a first step in establishing a website as a website always requires a name.
Domain name is basically the address of your website via which readers will reach you. It is compulsory as your online existence is based on the domain name.
An example of domain name isĀ
Domain name are no more difficult to purchase as many websites online now provides it such as GoDaddy,, etc.
Let’s pick up one to help you understand. Let suppose you are willing to purchase from GoDaddy. You will have to enter the domain name of your choice there and the website will help you whether this name is available for you to use.
We suggest you to choose .com version instead of others such as .uk, .co, .Inc, etc as .com is the most popular one that people uses. You need to follow the on-screen instructions once you get the availability of your choosen domain name. Instructions should be followed for the purpose of making a payment. The instructions normally involves entering your details, how long you want to register your website and ofcourse the payment details. We suggest all the reader to take an initiate with first 12 month registration and then for a longer time period. This will ensure you that no one can use your domain name for the next few years.
Web hosting
This is the next thing one has to do. A space is required for the website files to be stored which is commonly known as hosting. This means that the files are hosted for people 24/7.
It is not free of cost as it need to be purchased and there are many website online who offer it. is the one we recommend as we use it. You can also use any other as all these work in the similar way. A package is required to be selected but you need to properly review the packages so that you can get what you need.
If we take an example of Hostgator, let me tell you that it offers few option below;
1- Baby plan where you can host unlimited domains
2- Business plan where hosting of unlimited plans plus additional features are offered.
3- Hatchling plan where hosting of just one single domain can be done.
If you are a beginner, then we suggest you to go with the Hatchling plan as it will offer you a good start. If in future, you wish to move to the other plans, you can easily upgrade to them.
To purchase, you will again be asked to follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to enter the domain name that you have already registered and then proceed to pay. The final step in this would be linking the domain and hosting together so that when you type your domain name, you can get to the hosting space directly and you can store any file easily.
Installation of WordPress
When you are done with both, now it’s time for setting up your website. We will help you with it. Previously the setting up of a website was quite tiring as there were codes to get the website online but now things are changed as there are content management systems (CMS) which are used to make your work 80% easier.
When talking about WordPress, it is considered as the godfather of CMS. WordPress is used by number of websites nowadays. The easier use of WordPress has made its use more common. Whether you use HostGator or you don’t, the method will be same and the simpler.
It’s done now. You now will have your very own website.
You are a beginner? Facing a problem in creating your website? We are here to help you. If you stuck anywhere, you can ask your question below.

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