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How Social Media Marketing Affects SEO?


Social media marketing is a method of gaining attention via social media site. Social media marketing focuses on creating contents that readers finds attractive and the attention of these readers are diverted to it. Social media marketing encourages the users to share the contents to their social networks and this result in gaining website traffic.

Currently, there are six main types of social media named Social networks, Bookmarking sites, Social news, Media sharing, Micro blogging and lastly Blog comments and Forums.

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Most common type of this social media is Facebook and LinkedIn. Social networks consist of a profile and other ways of communicating with others. This network allows you to interact with other people having similar interest.


Most common are DELICIOUS. These are basically the services that allow you to save, organize and manage links and resources around the internet. It allows you to tag your link which could be searched easily.


DIGG and REDDIT are most popular. These are services which allow people to post different news items or links to outside articles and allow its users to “vote” on that news. Voting is core social aspect as the item containing most votes is displayed and is most prominent.


Most common websites for this type of media sharing are YOUTUBE and FLICKR. It allows the users to upload and share videos and photos. Services consist of several additional features such as profiles and commenting etc.


TWITTER is the most popular here. This social media marketing provides services that keeps attention on short updates which are pushed only to one’s who are subscribed.


Online forums allow the users to hold conversations by posting messages. Blog comments are similar to the forums but exception is that they are attached to blogs and usually the discussion keeps its attention to the topic of the blog post.

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SEO’s are affected by social media marketing and how it does, this may surprise many of you while reading this article. Social media basically works with SEO to control your brand’s visibility, and hence it has become a most leading factor on search engine. There are some ways through which SEO’s are affected and these are as follows:


Social media sharing confirms your search engine ranking i.e. when your site is being searched, where it ranks. This means that is your website easily searched by anyone. When the social media users shares various links to your content, search engines helps in reading out the activity as a determination of quality content. This is favored on search engines and so your website links ranks at the top and is indexed faster. Links which are not shared on social media will be significantly of lower visibility and those websites won’t be searched so easily.


Social media cuts off indexation time by almost 50%. Indexing time is also similar to search ranking. If a topic is being changed on Twitter, the links of such articles will be indexed faster than those which are non-tweeted. Currently, it keeps importance.


Google+ users have an advantage when talking about Google author rankings. The search engine is united with the social networks that allow an author’s name to be appear next to search listings. For doing this, simply include the rel=”author” tag on your website. This will make sure that the websites for which you have created content are linked to the search results. Google +1s is also one of the greatest social factors in search rankings for the links.


It has always been a very important factor and is therefore always taken into consideration by search engines to confirm whether other websites across the web judges your website to be a quality source of information. For many years, businesses applied several link building tactics to gain higher rankings. Links are mainly gained through developing original contents which are in turn shared across the social media. Links to the social media mainly helps search engine to understand which websites are to be ranked for their keyword phrases. For example, link tweeted against the link that is not tweeted has the higher visibility.


The content ranks in search engines from two different sources; firstly, the content being posted and secondly the profile of each social account. Make sure all of your social media profiles are filled out with all relevant information about your business by naturally incorporating the name of your company and other most important keywords.

A factor to consider here is that when you are thinking of improving, your SEO is continuing to use the keywords in the contents that you are posting all over the social media.

For example, if your company is unilever than you are to create content about different spices, soaps, detergent etc. recipes by using unilever and then by sharing this content around the social media. By providing the content, readers is looking for in the search engines and therefore you might be able to draw attention to some of the traffic around those keyword phrases used.


Local search is very important to businesses with those having physical locations, especially the small businesses. With increased use of mobiles, a large amount of local searches for the business are conducted with smartphones. For example, for Google, the business listings are on Google+ local pages but for Yahoo and Bing, these listings are more static profiles.

Make sure that several local listings whether on Foursquare or Google+ are kept up-to-date by providing the correct current address along with the company name and its phone number and accurate directions to your location. By keeping these profiles up to date provides you with a benefit as your BUSINESS ON GOOGLE+ or elsewhere will come up for relevant searches from customers in your targeted area.


Over the passage of time, the more the content shared about your website, the more rankings your website will receive around the major search engines. Each part of the content shared publicly on social media increases the ranking of your domain as a whole by driving traffic and credibility for the long-term success of your business.

Google appreciates when a website is up-to-date with new and relevant content and when it comes to your social media accounts. If the social media profiles help you with your website and are active with regular, quality updates then the search engine is taken into consideration that your business is valuable to the audience.

The advantage of SEO is that it drives value to your business when it comes to driving relevant traffic to website which converts to sales later.


The social connections and interactions which one person has with your brand on Google+ and several other different social channels affect what results are shown up in many major search engines. Google is obviously heavily unsegregated with Google+ whereas Bing has its integrations with Facebook. When trying to expand your audience on social media, take this into consideration as the audience will have a different experience in their search results due to your connection for SEO.

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  1. Social media has a big impact on SEO now a days. Google gives the importance to Social Media also to rank a website in search engine and Social Media is not only important for ranking in search engine but also important to gain more visitors and clients from different communities and networks where people are already get together. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

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