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How to Stop Users From Sharing Passwords in WordPress

Password is one of the most important thing which we normally hide from every single person even from the closet. You know why we do this? This is just because we keep password where we own something really personal and we are not willing to reveal it in front of anyone. When talking about WordPress, the user can sign in to their account from different locations and this is by default. Security issues might arise as you multi-author site might compromise that will hit your profit badly.

This article will help our users the way to stop sharing passwords in WordPress. Kindly read below and do follow for the satisfactory output.reset-wordpress-password

Handling of User session by WordPress

WordPress is well-known for using cookies for the purpose of identifying a logged in user. There is no doubt that the cookies used by WordPress do not include your password. These cookies contain your username and the special key which is considered as a proof that you remember your password.

When you login, a small “remember me” is written. If you login from any location and you ticked the box, then your password is saved with WordPress and this will result in anyone logging into your website. This is something that we really need to worry about. If you are running a membership site then this worst for you.

You will definitely want to prevent users for staying logged in for a long period of time in one account from different places.

Reading below will give you more detail on how to stop such an act.

Prevent Concurrent Logins and the sharing of password in WordPress

We are sharing this article on the demand of a user who put a question in front of us. On searching, we found that to prevent sharing the password and to stop different users to log in to one account at locations, a plugin was found.

The first step for the purpose of prevention is to install and activate the plugin namely Prevent Concurrent Logins plugin. This plugin works properly out of the box and hence there are no settings for the purpose of configuration.

This plugin can easily be tested by signing into your WordPress website from multiple browsers on your personal computer or you can use the private/ incognito mode.

This plugin will help in a way that if you tried you log in from two different browsers, one login would itself be terminated i.e your login with the second browser will be successful but the first browser would terminate the login and if you click on any link, you will be taken to the login page.

In conclusion, we would recommend you to use a strong password so that the fear of password being hacked is reduced to a maximum level.

We hope that our article helped you. We would like you give us our feedback.

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