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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs 2015

Where you own a website or a blog and wish to earn a handsome amount from that website by getting a higher traffic, you will consider the need for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is done via affiliate marketing programs. This is considered as a tension-free way of marketing.

Affiliate marketing programs are the programs that helps online businesses to gain a higher income by affiliating themselves with the publishers or affiliates of the website.

There are several types of affiliate marketing programs but here we are going to discuss five in detail. Five affiliate marketing programs are as follows:

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network

This program helps the advertisers to enhance online conversion on the basis of performance and assist affiliates in sending more of the traffic.

This programs requires a Google AdSense account and works as pay per click that is where the performance of the affiliate sends one visit to the business website, the business pays the affiliate for the one visit. Google AdSense account helps facilitating the payment.

Link Share

Link share

This is known as one of the largest affiliate network with around 10 million partnerships of affiliates. It took the first spot in international capabilities, platform strength and support quality. It offers more than 2500 affiliate programs and helps you choose whether they require every aspect of your affiliate channel managed or you are willing to manage your program yourselves.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction

Despite operating globally, this is considered as one of the largest marketing network in North America. It is rewarded as the best in making relationships with the merchants and it allows to have either a self-managed option or company managed for relationships relating to affiliates. Along with pay per action program, it also offers pay per call and ensure they receive commission for it. They are having opportunities to expand via online and offline campaigns.



It is one of the famous affiliate network which features digital products including E-books, membership websites, etc. It offers almost 75% of the commission on its ten thousand products.



This has achieved the 3rd spot in blue book of top 20 affiliate’s network in 2012 for its overall best’s performance in the world today. It features brands including PS Print etc. ShareASale has received highest rating in the reputation /customer service/ ethics of the company.

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