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Top 5 Free CMS Solutions for Your Website

CMS- content management systems is known as a way via which you can manage your owned website or blog in an efficient way. The management could be done in a way that the users accounts could be created, a customized theme could be applied and much more.

Top 5 Free CMS Solutions

1- WordPress

This is considered as one of the bests CMS solutions preferred by number of users. It is a very popular solution as it is also a blogging platform and due to this it is used more than any other website. It contains many plugins that helps users in different way. In addition it is known as one of the user-friendly site that offers many themes. A webmaster needs are properly filled by WordPress. It also offers hosting packages that helps users to install in just one click. Its technical support team is available all time i.e. 24/7.

2- Joomla

CMS requires different options and joomla provides one of the best option in a way that a new version released by joomla contains some tools that are free and some are very cheap to use. This is a suggested option for the purpose of best content management system solution.

3- Drupal

Drupal allows users a higher level of customization feature for a low cost. Mostly users use this CMS solution where they need scalability. This is also considered as a good CMS.

4- CMS MadeSimple

This is a lightweight and a free CMS solution to use. This isn’t a common one but is still ranked in top five CMS solution that helps in management of websites

5- Impress CMS

This is not an oldest one but is a useful CMS solution. It is free and offers an easier way to edit a word document. It was also awarded for being the most promising CMS system.

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