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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies of 2015

Website is owned by number of people these days and web hosting is one of the service that is required by everyone owing a website. This is something very important. It helps you in a way that it puts your website on server and publishes it so that it could be viewed by everyone over the internet. Smaller companies often look for a shared hosting program that charge them less.

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As per many users comments in 2015 we have come up with a list of top five web hosting companies with are as follows.


This is one of the most experienced company in providing web hosting service. It is a commonly known company that owns a large number of customers base. Different packages are offered by this company depending on the size of the website people own. It has continuously been the largest web hosting provider on the market with a higher level of reputation.

This is the one and only known best for all the services and recommended to every webmaster.


iPage is also listed in one of the top 5 web hosting companies that is recommended to those who owns personal websites and blogs. The service offered by iPage is commonly-known to its rich features and low cost. The customers rate the company on their level of satisfaction and its use being the easiest. Those companies who has fixed and a low budget, we suggest that iPage is best for them.


This is a popular company that offers web hosting services at a reasonable rate. Though it is less popular than largest companies such as Godaddy and hostgator, it offers a lower cost and a reliable service to the individuals. The company has a locked price i.e. their price does not change so quickly and individuals can easily plan their set budget. This is known to be one of the best alternative for iPage.

4-InMotion Hosting

This company is recommended to all business website either large, small or medium as it provides a high performance web hosting service to number of businesses worldwide. As per customer’s reviews, this satisfaction level is marked at the highest level and customers commented the services as the most reliable service that any company could offer. These are normally recommended to those whose website has a heavy direct traffic.

5- Web Hosting Hub

We are aware that each and every business is not a large business. Due to lack of resources, there are businesses that are small. Such businesses are known as entrepreneurial business or sole trader businesses. Web hosting hub is recommended to such small businesses. It is a respected and a well known company that has become the first choice of individuals in 2015. It offers affordable service as its target markets are smaller websites for web hosting.

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