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What Type of Content Should You Publish to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

When you purchase a domain for a website or a blog, you wish to earn and your earning will only start when you get traffic on your website. This means that traffic is the most important thing that one requires. To bring traffic on a blog, people use different strategies such as doing SEO in an extreme but there is a cheaper trick too. The cheaper trick that we would be telling you is writing the content of the website perfectly.

You must be thinking what kind of content we are talking about?

Let’s help you with it. Contents are of different type known as qualitative and quantitative. They are also classified as good or bad. We all know that if we write a good content, people will like that and if we write a bad content, nobody will bother reading that too.



Qualitative contents includes high quality contents and low quality contents. Quality is something vital and people always go with good quality thing rather than poor quality. If your writer writes qualitative content, you are simply blessed but if you are unable to find a writer who can write good articles, you are cursed as a website/blog can only be worthy when the posted articles are amazing. No body visits the site where article of low quality are posted as they find is useless.

This was all general. Let’s get specific to the content that would help you increase the blog traffic. We will discuss five best content types which are as follows.

List post

These are considered as best type of content as these are easier for users to read. This type of content does not bore the readers instead they become part of reader’s attention. The higher traffic could be gained with these list post contents.

Case studies

There are some readers who gets attracted to these type of contents and the best part with these contents are that , reader become participative and share their views with you. This could help you know how people actually find your content. You could achieve a higher traffic with this.

Resource post

These bring backlinks along with traffic to your blog and these are considered as it’s advantages. This type of content are helpful in long run.


These type of contents help you increase your income in different ways. In addition, these also increase the traffic on your website. These are useful contents and we recommends all the writers to write review contents. The disadvantage is that it’s not easier for everyone to write it perfectly instead it requires a lot of knowledge, skills and experience.


These types of contents are more difficult to produce but are most demanding as this increases the blog traffic. These increase traffic very quickly and the earning therefore starts before all the blogs where other than these contents are produced.

These were few that we discussed with you. For further details about writing content, kindly comment below.

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