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Unofficial Guide to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social media network considered as very useful as thousands of people can follow whosoever they wish too and get updates about them. Twitter is worth using as we get so much updates by companies. For example if we are waiting for the new phone release then we would follow mobile companies so that we could read latest tweets they update. As per research, it is known that over 40% of people are just watching what others tweet.  This is a large market and no one is a fool to leave the market without taking benefit. 

Twitter Followers
We all have the nature that we should not follow anyone but people should follow us and when we are new to Twitter, we invites friends and make a lot This is not that simple but to make people follow you, you need to follow few tricks we are going to tell you below,

1- Perfect Twitter Profile

This is the first step in getting follower as if without a profile, no one’s interest would develop and hence no one will follow you.  Remember that people just follow those in whom they are interested. This profile should always be updated and if you are willing to get followers then please make sure that you are not among those who just sit and watch what others tweet. If you are not new to Twitter then reconsider your profile among the professional ones.

2- Picture

Pictures play a main role.  For example if you post a funny picture as a profile picture, what would be your image be so remember that always a decent but professional profile picture.  Twitter now also adds a cover photo option like Facebook. You may use avatar that would represent you in a good way.

3- Follow Big Fishes On Twitter

Getting on someone’s eye isn’t difficult if you properly follow the trick. When you willing to get followed then you need to follow those big companies, stars, famous celebrities, etc. By doing this, you will get on others eyes who will then be by their heart or mind to follow you.

4- Tweet

When you become just that person who doesn’t tweet, nobody notices you and this is obvious. Don’t tweet any stupid thing rather you should tweet something funny or something that could increase knowledge. Tweet followers are always looking for something more than valuable so make sure you tweet things that are worthy. This is also known to be as creating your own content.

5- Make Use Of Tools

These tools includes tweetadder and many others. Using the tool will help you follow others by whom you might get focused and followed. Tweetadder helps search thousands of followers.

6- Make Your Blog Post Worthy

Write a blog that people would love to tweet. This will help you increase many followers.
There are many other ways to help you increase your blog post such as be thankful to the person who followed you, make use of hashtags, participate in Twitter chats, try cross posting etc.

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