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How to Update a WordPress Theme without Losing Customization

ThemePacific-WP-UpdateBeginners find thing difficult. If you are a beginner and wish to customize your WordPress theme then you will be asked to paste the snippet code directly to the theme file. This later becomes a problem as the update to theme is important but its clears all the customization done. A question from a beginner to blogging was raised regarding the way one can update WordPress theme without losing customization. This article will entirely discuss how can a user update a theme without losing customization. Please read below and follow for the desired output.
We will go step by step so that we could make you better understand this.
The first thing you need to do is to connect your website using FTP client. When done, now go to /wp-content/themes and download theme folder on your computer.
When you are done with the above step, now you have to visit your themes website and download the latest version of your theme. Don’t forget to create a zip file on your come and extract it for themes.
When done, now just have a look that you will have both the new theme version and the customized older version on your computer. At this time, if you have in mind that what changes you made, then copy/paste the snippet code to the latest version.
In case, if you don’t remember what exactly then you have to find out how was that done.
To help you out in case if you forget, please compare the old and new themes. For this purpose, please make sure you don’t get stressed as the software for comparison purpose is available namely WinMerge. Open both themes in WinMerge to compare. This software will show list of files in both the directories that will help compare which of the files are identical and which are not. You can compare the changes by clicking “Compare”. Now find out the customization made and copy/paste.
If you are done with copying, now you are to upload the new theme directory to WordPress by the use of FTP.
FTP client will show the files that already exist. Make sure that you click to overwrite files so that the old themes are replaced with the new one’s.
This was all you need to do. Now preview your website and make sure that things are done as expected.
In conclusion, we would tell you that how can you make updating easier. Remember that the use of child theme is the overall best practice for the purpose of customization.
We will discuss about child theme in our next article. Don’t forget to follow as we will provide step by step guide for using child theme.
Remember that we need our feedback so that we can improve.

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