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Ways to Download Your Entire WordPress Media Library

The WordPress media library is commonly known but the complication arises where you wish to download the entire WordPress media library. If you are a beginner, then we will not recommend you to use a FTP client as this is a complicated one.

This article will purely be about how to download your WordPress media Library without using the FTP

The first and the most important step that you have to take at this stage are to install and activate downML- Download Media Library plugin. At the time of activation, you will find out a new menu item that will be labeled as ‘downML’.

The next step would be to click on the menu that will prepare a zip file of your WordPress upload directory and then it would be available for you to download.

Moving forward, when the download is ready, you will see a page that will contain a link of file. Now it’s the time that you can download this file to your computer.

When the download is complete, then you can extract it to get your full WordPress media library.

Reason to download the media library

This is a question that would arise in many people’s mind especially those who are the beginners to blogging. Let us tell you a reason now. In addition, we will also tell you who are the people who wish to download the Media Library?

This plugin is really good if you are among the users who wish to store a copy of media library.

The entire WordPress site of yours will get a backup which will include themes, post, plugins, etc as you will be allowed to use a fully automated WordPress backup solution.

When being general, please keep in mind that most of the backup plugins doesn’t include an easier way to download just the upload and the media library. Hence, this plugin by WordPress is much faster for the purpose of downloading media library.

Using an FTP client is also another way to download the files but there are many users who don’t have an access to FTP so we ask them not to worry as this Plugin would help them. This plugin is considered as an alternate plugin.

We hope that our article helped you. We would like you to give us a feedback so that we can motivate ourselves to write much better for you.

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