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What are WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugins are a way to expand the functionality of a WordPress website. These are basically bits of software which are uploaded and the main benefit that they provide is the ability to use the plugins easily by uploading them. In short, this helps users tailor their website in a way they want to. Plugins assist the users in displaying their confidential information to those users that are logged in.

WordPress Plugins, WordPress


WordPress plugins are available almost everywhere so the users don’t need to carry out any extensive research for it. WordPress has more than 30000 plugins available and each of them helps the users in their own style and way.

Default Plugins

You must be thinking that what do we mean by a default plugin? Stay calm please and read out below.

There are plugin which do not function the way they are asked to. In addition to it, these are not even updated and are neither developed anymore to function in other way. These plugins are defaulted plugins.

For any other details on WordPress plugins, comment below.

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