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What is WordPress Caching and Why is it Important

Don’t get confused by looking at the title about WordPress caching because we are going to make you understand this in two parts. In the first part we are just going to give you a little explanation of what WordPress caching is and in second its importance will be discussed.

wordpress caching

Part-1: WordPress Caching

WordPress caching is a process via which one can improve the performance. It is one of the fastest way for improving the performance by installing W3 total cache if your website or blog is getting hits at the moment. Installing this plugin will give a higher impact on your websites success.

The benefit that you might receive would be:

-Your website speeds-up

-Improves ranking on search engine.

Part-2: Importance of WordPress Caching

Despite being lazy, WordPress is easier to use. This is one of the plus point using WordPress but why caching is important is something you should know. The most important thing that we all know but is not in our minds currently is that GOOGLE loves the websites with higher speed.

You must be thinking here that what a higher speed means? Don’t worry it’s not something you cannot understand. You must have seen website that takes a lot time and you must feel stressed those website, the same is the case with Google. Therefore the faster sites are loved by Google.

Now you can say that caching is one of an important factor in evaluating the performance of a website. By using caching protocol, WordPress site’s run faster than others. This helps us and saves a lot of our precious time. There are three ways via which you can freely speed-up your website;

1- Configure WordPress caching

2- Use content delivery network

3- Use high ends (insanely powerful and clustered servers)

The last two points are dependent on number of visitors at a website whereas WordPress caching can be used in every size website.

For any other information related to WordPress caching, you can comment in the comment box below.

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