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What’s New in WordPress 4.1

We are all aware about what a WordPress is but still I am going to give you little recap so that those who aren’t aware get to know about it.


WordPress is a website that offers you an ability to create your own blog or website. It offers numerous plugins to tailor your website in a way you want to. In addition to it, it offers many other things that could assist you in building your website and improving your website’s SEO.

You must be aware that there is continuous development in WordPress and now in this article we will be discussing about WordPress 4.1.

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WordPress 4.1

This is the last release of the year 2014 and is named Dinah. The reason behind its name is that the singer Dinah was released the same day. We have discussed everything that is found in WordPress 4.1 below;


WordPress 4.1 has a new version theme that is named as TWENTY FIFTEEN. This is by default. This theme was designed to enhance user’s focus on blogs and also to make use of Google’s noto web font. The font features to cover around 30 scripts and was developed so that it could work in different languages. The aim was to make it perfect.

->>> New Distraction-Free Writing

In addition to the theme focus, WordPress 4.1 offers a very extensive platform. This publishing platform offers a higher focus on the creation of contents. Here we can also say that this is something called an extension of the existing WordPress version. This feature is mostly loved by users and on the other hand, this feature is hated too but WordPress without losing is continuously making efforts to improve the publishing experience. This feature helps the users to focus highly on the contents.

->>> Language Settings

This is known to be one of the most important and the strongest feature that WordPress owns. This has been extended with the new version launched by WordPress and there are now 40 languages and others are yet to come.

->>> Others

Moreover, there are many other addition such as the image alignment toolbar that has been added and is appreciated by many of its users.

A security feature has also been added that is now you can logout all the sessions you opened under your profile setting.

In addition, WordPress 4.1 also offers a list for recommended plugins and now it has become easier for the users as now the users will not have to visit other websites for the recommendations.

A famous feature vine is added in this version by WordPress. It helps users to upload a short snippets video.

There are more changes about which few users wish to know and these may includes new template tags, a better support for the title tag, improvement to customizers API, etc in WordPress 4.1.

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