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WordPress vs. BlogSpot – Which One is Better?

When talking about WordPress and BlogSpot, these both are platforms that are well established for content publishing. When using WordPress or BlogSpot, you will find out some general difference like using WordPress will make you responsible for maintenance whereas when using the BlogSpot, the blogger maintains it. In addition to this, when using BlogSpot, you rents a site whereas using WordPress you own a site.

Apart from general differences, there are many other differences that we have discussed below:

Domain Name:

With WordPress, you have to register your own domain name that will cost u around $13.

With blogspot, the domain name would be like Here you can even use your domain name that was registered before.

Space For Storage:

With WordPress, you need to buy hosting for $4.95 per month. It includes the domain along with unlimited space provided to you.

With BlogSpot, you will get a 1 GB free space and if you require more space, you can connect to your Google+ account.


With WordPress, you can use thousands of designs (far more than BlogSpot). This will help your website look unique (different than others) and more attractive.

With BlogSpot, limited designs are available that may assist you an easy drag and drop changes.


With WordPress, thousands of plugins are available. Therefore you will be able to add any feature.

With BlogSpot, no plugins available but gadgets would be available.

Customization Option:

With WordPress, you can manage the site as you like it as you will have the full control.

With BlogSpot, you will only be able to edit the templates and limited customization would be possible.

Monetize Option:

With WordPress, as you full control, you can run the banner ads, make use of affiliate link, etc.

With BlogSpot, you can only monetize it with Google as it is integrated with Google AdSense.


When talking about the security, BlogSpot is considered as more secure as Google takes the responsibility for maintaining it and for creating backups. WordPress is less secure.

In terms of support, BlogSpot has very limited options in comparison to WordPress where there is an active community support system. Many companies provides support for WordPress.

The future of the blogger is highly dependent on Google as it may be closed whenever Google wishes. Hence WordPress has a brighter future as it is not dependent on any one company or individual.

On the basis of above differences, we strongly recommend you to go with WordPress rather than BlogSpot.

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Shaharyar is the Founder, CEO, and full-on Evangelist for SEOrex and BloggingRex. He is a SEO Expert and Web Developer. Shaharyar is a firm and passionate believer in user experience and the building of community.

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