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How to Write High Quality Content to Rank in Search Engine?

How can we define a high quality content?

A high quality content can be defined as the content that is very clearly written and is understandable to the audience. A high quality content is plagiarism free and hence the style of the content encourages the readers to share the link of a particular website to social media. This may result in increased ranking on google.

What is ranking in search engine?

For E-commerce and E-business, many people develops either a simple or a static website. The promotion of such a website is obvious as to enhance sales.

All Businesses prefer to rank on top as to achieve high sales. Search engine optimization is basically a process that affects the visibility of one website across google. Business wish to rank on top that when the user searches, particular business website appears to be on top.

When writing a high quality content, a factor that needs to consider mainly is the keywords used. Therefore, a keyword research has to be done while writing a content for a website.

Search is still the biggest game in town

Search remains one of the top activities on the Internet and has been for several years. A survey was carried out by a search industry named legend Danny Sullivan. Danny in a recent conversation pointed out one such survey that shows search is the most common online activity after email, and that fact cuts across generations.

Globally, People make billions of unique searches each day and this was found by Mr. Aaron Wall and told us through email.

In addition, searchers are considered to be the most motivated users who shares website link and this is important.

If you wish to search for information about a product or service that you want to buy and your website provides it then you have got a great chance of converting that drive-by traffic into long-term attention with your content. Moreover, if you are a professional web writer, either freelance or with an agency then you may find this discussion purely academic. Suggest all your client not to care about Google traffic.

Google Search

Search traffic keeps greater importance as long as it is targeted search traffic. Before looking at the elements of modern practice of search engine optimization, firstly make sure that you understand how search engines works.

There are many different kinds of searches namely transactional search, navigational search and informational search.


Transactional searches do not involve a credit card or wire transfer. Signing up for a free trial account at Cook’s Illustrated and creating a Gmail account, or finding the best local Mexican cuisine are all examples of transactional queries.


Navigational searches are performed with the intention of surfing directly to a particular website. In some cases, the users are unaware of the exact URL and therefore the search engine serves as the “White Pages” by passing along the correct location.


Informational searches involves large amount of problems from finding out the local weather and getting a map and directions and finding the name of Tony Starks’ military buddy from the Iron Man movie or checking out the journey time to MASS. The common thread here is that the searches are primarily non-commercial and non-transaction-oriented in nature; the information itself is the goal.

Other factors that needs to be considered includes the uniqueness of the article, up-dated information included in the article, etc. The content written should be an original content. A helpful suggestion for all publishers continues to focus on delivering the unique and best possible user experience on your websites and not to focus too much on what they think are Google’s current ranking algorithms or signals. Google changes its ranking algorithms almost about 500 times.

There are some types of content type that needs to be concentrated upon and are as follows:


Resources basically includes the uniqueness of the content and its comprehensiveness. Moreover the content also needs to focus on its longevity (how much the content is relevant and interesting for the readers).The content needs to be focused on helping people.


The data acquired needs to be unique and impressive for the readers. It should encourage the users to share the link of particular website as google reads out the links shared and then the website is ranked. This data could be used as an incentive as it could be turned into case studies, e-books, white papers, etc.


This needs to be multi-part tutorial. It helps out in giving an additional benefit as it improves website traffic for example from YouTube. Tutorials are of greater help for people as they can easily apply what they are reading out.

This should not come as a surprise since this falls squarely under the category of content that provides the maximum utility for your users or viewers while considering your expertise in a particular industry.


This brings us back to writing for your viewers and responding to their particular needs and wants. Replying to questions that you know your readers want the answers to and providing maximum utility through immediate responses that make your website the best place for this kind of content and consider your leadership as an educator.


This is obvious that many people tend to not sit down and just focus on what their main purposes are. There are few questions that you need to ask yourself and those are as follows;

  1. What defines a conversion for you?
  2. Are you selling eyeballs (impressions) or what people click on?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. Do you know your assets and liabilities?


Search engine aims to do their job as best as possible by referring users to websites. Content, authority, performance and user experience is required. Search engine do not require a poor user experience at all.


Domain name is important to your overall foundation, so as a best practice you are better off using sub-directory root domains versus sub-domains.

Consistent Domains: If you type in a web address but if you then type in just and the “www” does not redirect to the web address you want to go to then this clearly means that the search engines are seeing two different sites. This is not effective for overall SEO efforts as it will dilute your inbound links.

Older domains are better than new ones, but if you are buying an old domain then make sure that the previous owner did not do anything shady to cause the domain to get penalized.

In addition, having keywords you are trying to rank for in your domain will only help your overall efforts.


These quality guidelines focuses on the most common forms of deceptive or manipulative behavior, but Google may respond negatively to other misleading practices which are not listed here. Content writers who spend their energies upholding the spirit of the basic principles will provide a much better user experience and immediately enjoy better ranking than those who spend their time looking for loopholes they can exploit. MACHINE LEARNING, ENGAGEMENT METRICS AND LINKING PATTERNS signals quality content.

Content is King

Creating a corner stone is one of the very useful tool to be ranked high in search engine. A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is built. It is what people need to know about so that to make use of your website and do business effectively. There is a useful strategy to develop a cornerstone and to rank in search engine and it is as follows;

  1. Keywords-An appropriate keyword phrase needs to be selected for your content.
  2. Title Tags and Headline -the title tag is a headline. You want to speak back to the prospective reader in her own chosen words. These words should be wrapped in compelling headline structure which promise to answer all such questions that searcher will ask. Writing a killer keyword improves the headline and makes it more likely that someone will simply use your title to link back to you.
  3. Content-It should be impressive in both quality and scope.
  4. Content landing page-A content landing page is designed to instantly communicate what is actually going on to the visitor as soon as they arrive, and it also acts as a table of contents which increases clarity. Its benefits includes retention of a reader, bookmarking and sharing, optimizing on-page copy, etc.
  5. Links-it includes both content + promotion.


Some part of website impacts upon the whole site’s ranking. Therefore, those parts needs to be avoided and are as follow;


The content on your website should not be similar to other pages on your site and from the external sites as well. To determine such duplicate content, use a tool such as Siteliner.


Viral content is the Content that spreads all around because it is of such high quality is great. The content that is firstly designed and is considered to be viral should be avoided. This kind of content includes image-dumps, link lists, infographics, and much more.


This is a content that is written for the sole purpose of selling ads against it, inserting affiliate links in it, to generate leads, or to serve as a gateway page to selling products or services and is therefore considered to be avoided firstly. High quality content can accomplish these things but does not prioritize them.

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